Unit01 - 1 Chem 1004 Chem 1004- Contemporary Science for...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 Chem 1004 Chem 1004- Contemporary Science for Non Contemporary Science for Non-Science Majors Science Majors - Spring 2011 All registration transactions (add/drop/switch sections) for Chem 1004 should be made on the web Mart Mart n G. Zysmilich n G. Zysmilich mgz@gwu.edu mgz@gwu.edu Samson 306 Samson 306 - x4 x4-4726 4726 Laboratory Coordinator Laboratory Coordinator Amy Amy Meteesatien Meteesatien kmetees@gwu.edu kmetees@gwu.edu Corcoran 107 Corcoran 107 Lab check-in starts on January 18 Attendance at the first laboratory meeting is mandatory. Failure to attend the check-in meeting in COR 402 may result in the loss of your registration status. Office Hours: MW 3:10-3:55 PM, 1957 E street, room 113 or by appointment Textbook Textbook OVER-THE-COUNTER CHEMISTRY Mart Mart n G. G. Zysmilich Zysmilich Revised Preliminary Edition Cognella Acad. Publishers San Diego, CA 2011 Course Format Course Format Lectures Lectures Section 10 - MW 2:20 pm - 3:10 pm Section 11 - MW 3:55 pm - 4:45 pm Laboratory Laboratory: Once a week. Students taking Chem 1004 must complete the laboratory requirement concurrently. In order to obtain a passing grade in the course, you will need to complete and obtain a passing grade for the lecture and the laboratory requirement. Grading Grading (Read the syllabus for more details) (Read the syllabus for more details) Two one-hour exams (2 x 100 )... 80 % Lab reports................................... 20 % Extra Credit.. 5 % Passing grade: Passing grade: at least 120 out of the 200 exam points (60%) + at least 60 out of the 100 lab points (60%) Exams Exams Two non-cumulative multiple choice exams. March 3 and April 27. Optional final and comprehensive make-up exam. %grade = ( E1+E2 ) x 0.40 + Lab x 0.20 + XC x 0.05 Absences Absences No student will be excused from taking an exam at the schedule time without the prior permission of the instructor. The excused status means that you will be given the right to make up the work you miss....
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This note was uploaded on 02/22/2011 for the course CHEM 004 taught by Professor Zysmilich during the Spring '06 term at GWU.

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Unit01 - 1 Chem 1004 Chem 1004- Contemporary Science for...

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