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Faculty of Engineering and Technology Chemical Engineering Department Second Semester 2006/2007 Course Name Course Number Cridit Hours Level Mathematical Methods for Che. Eng. 0905231 3 B.Sc. in Chemical Eng. Dr. Yousef Mubarak Tel: 5355000 Ext. 22891 (Office) Office: CH. 315 E-mail: [email protected] Hall: CH.ENG.002 Lecture: Mon and Wed 11:00-12:30 Office Hours: 2:00-4:00 Sun, Tues, Wed 09:30-11:00 Mon and Wed Textbook: Kreyszig, E. “ Advanced Engineering Mathematics ”, 9 th Edition, John Wiley & Sons, 2006. Web site: Course Objectives This course involves various engineering mathematical concepts with the focus on chemical engineering applications. The material covered in the course includes first, second and higher order ordinary differential equations, system of ordinary of differential equations in addition to series solutions, Laplace transforms and Fourier analysis. By the end of the course solution of simple partial differential equations will be covered as well. The main objectives of the course are: o Translating given chemical engineering problems into a mathematical model. o Solving the model by selecting and applying suitable mathematical methods. o Understanding the meaning and the implications of the mathematical solution for the original problem. Course Outcomes : By the end of the course students will be able to: o Formulate mathematical models for physical situations related to chemical engineering applications. o
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mathematicalloutline2007 - Faculty of Engineering and...

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