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Faculty of Information Technology Department of Computer Science 1 st Semester, 2009/2010 Course Syllabus Course code: 710104 Course Title: Computer Skills (2) for Science Colleges Course prerequisite (s) and/or corequisite (s):none Course Level:1 Credit hours:3h Lecture Time: Academic Staff Specifics E-mail Address Office Hours Office Number Rank Name Sanad.alafghani@yahoo.com safaghani@philadelphia.edu.jo IT Building 7602 Instructor Sanad al-afghani Course module description: The module focuses on problem solving strategies and the use of algorithmic language to describe such problem solving. It introduces the principles of procedural programming, data types, control structures, data structures and functions, data representation on the machine level, problems that might be solved, graphics and API use, encapsulation, and the use of c++ programming language. Course module objectives: This module aims to introduce the principles of Top Down problem solving strategy (divide and conquer), algorithm design, and imperative programming mainly at an abstract level. Topics include data definition structures, control structures, and primitive data structures. C++ programming language (in visual environment) is adopted as a vehicle language for implementations. Course/ module components
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0. 710104 - Philadelphia University Faculty of Information...

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