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Faculty of Engineering and Technology Chemical Engineering Department Second Semester 2008/2009 Course Name Course Number Cridit Hours Level Prerequiset Engineering Materials Science 0905351 3 B.Sc. in Chemical Eng. Principles II 0905212 Dr. Yousef Mubarak Tel: 5355000 Ext. 22891(Office) Office: CH. 315 E-mail: Web: Hall: CHE 103 Lecture : Sun, Tues, and Thur @ 12:00-01:00 Office Hours : 09:00-10:00 Tues and Thur 01:30-03:00 Sun and Thur 09:30-10:30 Mon and Wed Textbook: William D. Callister, " Materials Science and Engineering ", 7 th edition, John Wiley and Sons Publisher, 2007 Course Objectives All engineering structures and devices utilize materials which have been selected based on their properties. These properties along with design considerations enable a desired performance level. Therefore, engineers of every type are well served in their careers by an understanding of the scientific foundations of materials that govern these properties. Accordingly: This course is designed to provide an introduction to engineering materials with an emphasis on how atomic and molecular bonding, structure, composition and processing influence material properties. T he main objectives of the course are: 1) To provide an understanding of the influence of bonding, nano- and micro-structure, composition and processing on the properties of materials. 2) To provide students with an understanding of various types of materials, their ranges of properties, and how their properties can be tailored for engineering purposes . 3) To provide the students with an understanding of the various advantages and disadvantages offered by specific classes of materials, and an awareness of the possible tradeoffs associated with optimization of a specific material's properties . Course Outcome: Upon successful completion of the Introduction to Engineering Materials Science course, students should be able to: 1. Distingwish the different classes of engineering materials. 2. Describe and comment on structure, processing and properties of the main classes of materials and the relationships between them. 3. Describe the structure and properties of a range of advanced materials.
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4. Describe processing-microstructure-property relationships. 5.
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materialsoutline2009-2nd - Faculty of Engineering and...

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