macro essay 4 - W isneski 1 I n ternal Unemployment Batt le...

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Wisneski 1 Internal Unemployment Battle Essay #4 By: Dane Wisneski Professor: Samitamana Class: Macroeconomics Date: December 7, 2010
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Wisneski 2 Internal Unemployment Battle With the nation in a uproar over every new economic policy that gets created to try and help with the situations that our economy continues to battle, the Fed is looked to to put an end to the monetary dilemma. However some people today believe the Fed has too many responsibilities on its hands to be able to help both economically and with unemployment, the Feds other main goal. Ideas are now being thrown around and mulled over about the possible decline in responsibilities that the Fed has, taking away the unemployment goals and leaving just the economic policies. "The economy is not growing fast enough to satisfy all the new job seekers," he said. "We're not even keeping up with population growth in generating jobs, let alone putting a dent in the sky-high unemployment rate” (Guatieri). The idea today is to move the reigns of maximizing employment to Congress and letting the Fed concentrate on the price markets. “A House bill introduced last month by Pence seeks to scale the dual mandate back to a single goal of focusing only on prices, and leave job creation policy up to Congress” (Censky). Looking at this proposed idea from both angles is the only way to understand how certain actions would be perceived and work. If the Fed was to move from two goals to one, than there would be more time spent on the
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macro essay 4 - W isneski 1 I n ternal Unemployment Batt le...

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