gen pysch ch 8 sum

gen pysch ch 8 sum - they will act in a situation. The...

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Dane Wisneski Chapter 8 Words: Chapter eight is about the behaviors in social and cultural contexts. The rules that we as individuals conform to due to our actions and beliefs are norms . Roles are regulated by norms, and they indicate how people should behave in a certain group. The section of group that both norms and roles fit into is much broader, this term is called culture , which is a program of shared rules that govern a society through values, beliefs and customs. Sometimes individuals can get extremely worked up about their culture and start making excuses about spending time and money for this cause, this is called entrapment . Social Psychology is trying to understand why people act differently in certain situations and what their thought processes are when they are making these decisions. One idea is social cognition , helps to understand how people see themselves and how that determined how
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Unformatted text preview: they will act in a situation. The self-serving bias is the ability for one to credit themselves for good behaviors and justify their own wrong actions. To go in correlation with the self-serving bias, the just-world hypothesis would put all your wrong or right actions up against a fair and just world, not a realistic one. Social identities are developed by people due to their religion, beliefs, and sometimes our occupational groups. When people come in contact with others, almost immediately a stereotype is formed based on the others appearance, actions and the way they talk. Sometimes stereotyping can cause extreme hatred towards another group, this feeling is called prejudice. All of these terms are ways that our behaviors and peoples behaviors can be effect and have an effect on us and the people around us....
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gen pysch ch 8 sum - they will act in a situation. The...

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