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gen pysch ch 11 sum

gen pysch ch 11 sum - succumbs to having the same feelings...

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Dane Wisneski Chapter 11 Words: 314 Chapter eleven is mapping the emotions of the people of the world. Emotions are an arousal involving facial and bodily changes, brain activation, tendencies towards action and different things that create a response in a person. There are two types of emotions, primary emotions and secondary emotions . Primary emotions are considered biologically based, usually including anger, fear, joy, surprise and contempt. Secondary emotions are emotions that develop with cognitive maturity and they vary across each different human being. A way to understand what someone is feeling through looking at them is being able to understand their facial feedback which helps to give emphasis to the words that are being spoken. There are also emotions that can arise not from your personal fear or joy but from the way someone else is handling the stress of a situation. Mood contagion is a phenomenon when a person
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Unformatted text preview: succumbs to having the same feelings about a situation due to the emotions that their friend portrayed. The fear emotion that is evoked sometimes in all of us is controlled by the amygdala, which evaluates sensory information and deciphers what to do with it. The prefrontal cortex of the brain has to deal with and embrace the urge to either approach a situation or pull you away from it. Mirror neurons are in our brain and they are another thing that separates human from apes, humans are about to feel for other people and to understand their situations and emotions through these specific types of cells. There are ways to suppress emotions due to rules that a culture has with different situations that can arise on any given day, these are called display rules. Faking emotions are also possible, when someone doesn’t want to act a certain way but has to due to their job or what they are doing is emotion work....
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