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Dane Wisneski Ch 14 summary Words: Chapter 14 is about how we as human beings develop over our lives. The concept of developmental psychology is a study all to itself, focusing on the cognitive changes across the life span and how these changes are affected due to how the person lives or his or her traits, culture, circumstance and experiences. Socialization is associated with children’s mental and social development, and it’s the process that children learn the rules that they are suppose to follow in society. Attachment is started at birth with the idea of contact comfort , the pleasure of being held or touched. To go along with attachment we as individuals have separation anxiety sometimes that comes when we are detached from a certain item or person for an extended period of time. Another aspect of growing up is learning and thinking, one of the first things that we learn is the idea of
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Unformatted text preview: object permanence that is an object exists even though we cant still see it. Babies still see the world as egocentric which is only being able to see the world from their point of view. Conservation is when we dont think physical properties do not change when their form or appearance change. Gender identity is when children figure out that they are male or female and what that means. Gender typing is socializing children into gender roles and why they have certain abilities. Puberty, the age at which a person becomes sexual active and capable of sexual reproduction, comes along with adolescence. From women, adulthood comes with the unhappy accompaniment of menopause , which usually occurs between ages 45-55. Developmental psychology is a huge area of study and needs more than just one chapter to explain it all, but chapter 14 is a good gateway into this type of psychology....
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