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ch6 - FM 3-3 C1 Chapter 6 Civilian Chemical Hazards Every...

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FM 3-3, C1 Chapter 6 Civilian Chemical Hazards Every nation in the world has some form of hazardous chemical production or storage facility. Most of these chemicals are used for peaceful purposes and are considered to be in one of the following categories: Agricultural - includes insecticides, herbicides, fertilizers . . . etc. Industrial - chemicals used in manufacturing processes or for cleaning. Production and Research - chemicals (as well as biological agents) used in research or are produced in a facility. Damage or destruction of a facility or storage site; or any act that creates the unexpected release of civilian chemical products into the environment will present unique challenges to U.S. and allied Armed Forces, as well as the citizens of the Host Nation (HN). Once released, these hazards may cause immediate or delayed incapacitation or death. To safeguard friendly forces and civilians from the potential hazards, peacetime and tactical chemical contamination avoidance principles must be carefully blended.
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