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pref - FM 3-3 Preface The mission of the Chemical Corps is...

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FM 3-3 Preface The mission of the Chemical Corps is to prepare the Army to survive and win in a Chemical and Biological (CB) warfare environment by - Developing doctrine, organizations, training products, and equipment for CB defense, chemical retaliation, and smoke and flame operations. Minimizing the impact of CB weapons through contamination avoidance, protection, and decontamination. Employing smoke. Employing flame. This manual is one of five that explains the fundamentals of NBC defense: FM 3-3, Chemical and Biological Contamination Avoidance. FM 3-3-1, Nuclear Contamination Avoidance. FM 3-4, NBC Protection. FM 3-5, NBC Decontamination. FM 3-7, NBC Handbook A general overview of these fundamentals is given in FM 3-100, NBC Operations. This manual, FM 3-3, defines and clarifies the entire process of CB contamination avoidance. Another manual, FM 3-3-1, outlines contamination avoidance procedures for nuclear operations. This manual has limited distribution specially for separate brigades, division, and corps level NBC Control Centers.
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