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HOMEWORK - SPRING 2010 (0.5 point each, unless otherwise noted) Answer the following related to ConocoPhillips (C) for the year ended December 31, 200 8 . Note that you can find C’s financial statements and related footnotes on C’s web page OR on the SEC’s web page. (Note that you will probably find it easier to look on C’s web page.) $ amounts in millions unless otherwise noted. a. As of 12-31-08, what was C’s total debt amount? Footnote 12 – $27,455 i. How much of this amount does C classify as short-term debt? Balance sheet AND footnote 12 – $370 b. As of 12-31-08, what was the total debt amount excluding C’s capitalized lease obligations? Footnote 12 – $27,455 - $28 = $27,427 AND Footnote 16 has $27,427 i. What is the fair value of this debt amount? Footnote 16 – $26,906 c. As of 12-31-08, how much of C’s total debt was due in 2012? Footnote 12 – $8,221 d. As of 12-31-08, what was C’s total asset retirement obligations and accrued environmental costs amount? Footnote 11 – $7,594 i. How much of this amount does C classify as a current liability? Footnote 11 – $431 e. As of 12-31-08, what do C’s largest individual asset retirement obligations involve?
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