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Module 42 STOMATOFORM, DISSOCIATIVE, AND PERSONALITY DISORDERS STOMATOFORM DISORDERS Many people suffer from a stomatoform disorder in which they experience bodily symptoms that are psychological, not medical, in origin o Not easy to diagnose o Two types – hypochondriasis and conversion disorder Hypochondriasis Hypochondriasis is a disorder involving a chronic and unwarranted preoccupation with one’s own physical health o Highly sensitive to normal bodily sensations Some psychologists believe it is a reaction to separation anxiety and the desire to stay helpless Others believe it is caused by an oversensitive nervous system Sandra Gramling (1996) did the ice water test o Asked 15 hypochondriacs and 15 controls to put feet in ice water for 3 minutes o Hypochondriacal women kept their feet in the tub for less time and rated the sensation as more unpleasant o Among the women who went to the end, hypochondriacal participants had more elevated heart rates and lowered hand temperatures Can easily become a lifelong pattern if nourished with sympathy, relief from
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