Leadership Case 1 - Leadership Case 1 Bill and Melinda...

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Leadership Case 1: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation 1. Bill and Melinda Gates both reflect the Big Five Dimensions: Surgency, Agreeableness, Adjustment, Conscientiousness, Openness to Experience in their personality and with this summary I am going to describe the personality traits of each dimension that have helped make the gates reach such a high level of success. Lets start with the surgency personality dimension, which includes leadership and extraversion traits. Bill Gates personality would best be described as an introvert who has mastered the ability to be extroverted when needed. If a person is high in surgency it means they have positive emotions and a tendency to seek out stimulation by the company of others. They tend to be enthusiastic and in groups they like to talk and assert themselves. The case states that Bill Gates is a logical thinker who expects his employees to be well informed, logical, vocal, and thick skinned. From this description of Bill I have come to the conclusion that he is in the middle on the surgency dimension in that he shows dominance but isn’t primarily extroverted. When looking at Melinda Gates I have come to the assumption that she is stronger than Bill in regards to the surgency dimension. The case states that she is known as a strong team builder who strives for collaboration in decision-making. Most people who are successful at team building and collaborating have outgoing personalities and use those skills to attract people and keep them in unity on a certain project. Agreeableness is the behavior that includes traits related to getting along with people, and Melinda Gates would definitely fit this description out of the two. Agreeable personality behavior is strong when a person is called warm and caring, easygoing and compliant, and compassionate. Melinda is a philanthropist at heart and has devoted her life to giving to those in need; she has shown strong traits of agreeableness in her work with the Gates foundation and other charitable projects as well. Not only does she have compassion for the less fortunate but she also focuses on people in the company and is an attractive leader because of it. Melinda is the perfect balance for Bill when it comes to agreeableness and she helps see the big picture instead of focusing on the task at hand. Both Bill and Melinda Gates show strong traits of the adjustment personality
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Leadership Case 1 - Leadership Case 1 Bill and Melinda...

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