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Services Marketing Project: Interview Analysis Summary: The interview yielded many answers that were consistent with what I was expecting but there were a few that I found very interesting considered the interviewee’s position. The person I chose to interview is Trey Looney who is the Regional Sales Manager for Transformation Enzyme Corporation based out of Houston, TX. One of the responses that I found most interesting was his answer to the question, “what type of networking do you find most useful and why?” As previously mentioned, Trey is the regional sales manager for his company and is one of the main people involved in creating networking opportunities. I was expecting the response to be very detailed and include an extensive list of networking techniques they use on a daily basis. Looney’s answer was instead the complete opposite, and he presented me with a very simple and straightforward solution. He explained to me that he prefers networking at smaller conferences and seminars so that he can have the time to really connect with their clientele. By networking at these smaller events it allows him to understand his clients needs and then realize how to meet their needs. Given the large size of the company I wrongly assumed that they don’t care about networking on a local level and instead focused on larger opportunities. It was clear after asking this question that Trey’s focus was on building relationships first and foremost and networking on a smaller scale was how he achieved this goal. The question I was look forwarding to asking the most was what advice would you give someone entering into your field of work. This question interested me because I plan on pursuing a job in marketing and I could end up with a position very similar to that of Trey’s. I was hoping that this answer would convince me that I was choosing the right career path and at the same time give me some advice on some steps I could take to reach my goal. He presented me with a very short yet concise answer that proved to be much more meaningful than the size of the answer indicated at first. I have him quoted as saying, “Find a mentor, work on your communication skills, make sure you believe in what you are doing because you don’t you will never be able to make someone else truly believe in it as well.” The part of this quote that really struck me was the last line that pointed to making sure you believe in what you are doing. I feel
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that this is a very important idea to grasp and I believe Trey was pointing to the fact that the business field will throw many challenges your way and the only thing that will get you through is your belief in yourself. His quote also points to leadership as well; if you don’t truly believe in yourself as a leader and have confidence in your decisions then you will have a tough time getting subordinates to buy into your leadership example. Critical Analysis:
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Services Marketing Project - Services Marketing Project:...

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