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Week 6: Search/ Experience/ Credence Attributes The attributes of products/or services can be placed on the continuum of search, experience, and credence attributes (Darby and Karni, 1973; Lovelock 1983; Nelson, 1970, 1974). The differences across these attributes are: (1) for search attributes, consumers can easily acquire their information and evaluate these attributes before purchase; (2) for experience attributes, consumers usually find them difficult to evaluate before consumption, but could do so during or after some consumption; (3) for credence attributes, consumers cannot evaluate them even after usage. For example: Suppose a decision maker wants to purchase a car. Let’s assume she decides to purchase a Toyota. Briefly speaking, we could categorize different attributes of this product into: Search attributes: The listed price, the model, the color of the car, etc. Experience attributes: MPG, handling experience, etc.
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Unformatted text preview: Credence attributes: quality, customer service, warranty service, etc. Note: Different people might hold different opinions on which attributes should belong to the search/experience/credence categories. If you choose this topic, please answer the following question: For each attribute category, please give one real world example. Briefly, each student should give one example for search attributes, one example for experience attributes and one example for credence attributes. You could use one example to capture all three attributes (like the auto example I gave). You could also use different examples to discuss these attributes. Note: there is a first mover advantage here. Each student should discuss a DIFFERENT example (different from examples I listed above, and different from the examples used by other students who answered the question before you)....
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