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Week 9: Hofstede culture dimensions. Hofstede conducted a survey of IBM employees around the globe in 1980s. Based on his findings, he noticed countries could be classified along some basic cultural dimensions. His findings established the foundations of culture studies across different countries. Although the world has changed considerably since 1980s, cultures have changed less. His website, http://www.geert-hofstede.com/ , updates the culture dimensions for different countries. Individualism versus Collectivism In a collective society the identity and worth of the individual is rooted in the social system, less in individual achievement High versus Low Power Distance High power distance societies tend to be less egalitarian, while democratic countries exhibit low power distance Masculine versus Feminine A High Masculinity ranking indicates the country experiences a high
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Unformatted text preview: degree of gender differentiation. In these cultures, males dominate a significant portion of the society and power structure. – Uncertainty Avoidance • Rates nations based on the level of risk tolerance or aversion among the people – Confucianist Dynamics • Distinguishes the long-term orientation of Asian people from the more short-term outlook of Western people If you choose this topic, please answer the following question: Please use Hofstede’s website, http://www.geert-hofstede.com/ . Pick a non-USA country from the left column on the website, compare its culture dimensions with those of USA, explain the difference by using your own experiences (business or tourism traveling; experiences with some clients; information obtained from a business article/case study; etc.)...
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