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Appendix D 1. a) y = 6000(x)-10000 b) You will need 30 tons and each tons costs $60.00 and each tree costs $40.00. Budget of $2,500? You can buy 62 trees. ... 2500 * 40 = 62.5 c) y = 40x – 2500 y = 40(5) – 2500 y = 200 – 2500 y = -2300 (false) 2. Coordinates: Tree A: (20, -20) Plant B: (-20, -4) Plant C: (-10, -14) Patio D: (12, 12) Plant E: (8, -8) Plant F; (18, -12) b) water line = y= -2/3x -12 Pink Flamingo: (-4, -10)? no! You simply cant place it at (-4, -10) points simply because it will be on top of the water line
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Unformatted text preview: and that would just be a hassle later on down the road for you. c)???? “ This problem was a little hard for me!” I didn't get it. Sorry. d) One location of the sprinkler line: X Y X,Y-1-2-2-4-4 2-2 8-8 e) What objects might be in the way as you lay the pipe for the sprinkler system? Some objects that I think might be in the way of setting up the system would be your “pink flamingo” if you had decided to put it there and if not your house would be an issue. Mary Koahou...
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