TH 201 Reading Guide 8-1

TH 201 Reading Guide 8-1 - person? C. Important People,...

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TH 201: Introduction to Theology Reading Guide: Ninth Week A. Scripture and Tradition 1. Why is Irenaeus so interested in securing the status of his tradition? What is at stake in Against the Heresies ? Why do you think that he gives the list of “successors to the apostles”? 2. What, according to Irenaeus, are his enemies’ mistakes? 3. Our reading from Origen is an interpretation of the opening verse of John’s Gospel. Why does he think the study of Scripture is so important? 4. How many different interpretations does Origen provide for the phrase “in the beginning”? B. Christology and the Councils 1. What does Athanasius think is the proper understanding of Christ? 2. What is the importance of Christ’s body for Athanasius? 3. How do Christology and Soteriology relate for Athanasius? Why must Christ be fully divine? Why must Christ be fully human? Why must He be
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Unformatted text preview: person? C. Important People, Terms and Concepts Scripture Tradition Deposit of Faith Creed Apostolic Fathers Clement (r. 88-97) Polycarp (d. 165) Valentinus (130-165) Marcion (140-180) Justin Martyr (130-165) Irenaeus (130-200) Origen (185-254) Constantine (306-337) Athanasius (296-373) Arius (d. 336) Nestorius (d. 451) Heresy Gnosticism Docetism Adoptionism Demiurge Ecclesiology Four Marks of the Church (one, holy, catholic, apostolic) Literal Sense Spiritual Sense Allegorical Tropological Anagogical Great Persecution (303 A.D.) Edict of Milan (313 A.D.) Christology Hypostasis Ousia Physis Uncreated/Created Ungenerated/generated Homoousios Homoiousios Communication of Idioms Council of Nicaea (325 A.D.) Nicean Creed Nestorianism Monophysitism Theotokos Wondrous Exchange Deification ( Theosis )...
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TH 201 Reading Guide 8-1 - person? C. Important People,...

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