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1 Proteins: Primary Structure Lecture 6 Chapters 4 & 5 9/10/09 Proteins are the Body’s Worker Molecules Figure from The Structures of Life (NIH) Protein function as: 1. Enzymes :biological catalysts 2. Regulators of catalysis - hormones 3. Transport and store: O 2 , metal ions, sugars, lipids, etc. 4. Contractile assemblies : Muscle fibers Separation of chromosomes 5. Sensory : Rhodopsin nerve proteins 6. Cellular defense immuoglobulin immuoglobulins Antibodies Killer T cell Receptors 7. Structural Collagen Silk, etc. Function is dictated by protein structure!! Structural Hierarchy in proteins There are four levels of protein structure 1. Primary structure 1 ° = Amino acid sequence, the linear order of AA’s. Remember from the N-terminus to the C-terminus Above all else this dictates the structure and function of the protein. 2. Secondary structure 2 ° = Local spatial alignment of amino acids without regard to side chains. Usually repeated structures Examples: α helix, β sheets, random coil, or β turns
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2 3. Tertiary Structure 3 ° = the 3 dimensional structure of an entire peptide. Great in detail but vague to generalize. Can reveal the detailed chemical mechanisms of an enzyme. 4. Quaternary Structure 4 ° two or more peptide chains associated with a protein. Spatial arrangements of subunits. Insulin was the first protein to be sequenced F. Sanger won the Nobel prize for protein sequencing.
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lecture_6legge - Proteins are the Bodys Worker Molecules...

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