Chapter3_taxol - %YieldandsynthesisofTaxol (C47H51NO14)

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Yi ld d th i f l O % Yield and synthesis of Taxol ( C 47 H 51 NO 14 ) Isolated in 1969 … structure determined in 1971 … clinical trials began in 1989. No patent was filed because it was felt that the amounts of taxol obtained were too small to justify the compound's development. Nonetheless, with the small quantities in hand, NCI (Nat’l Cancer Institute) pressed on to further explore the potential of taxol as a cancer treatment .
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Despite its well documented biological activity, very little interest was shown in Albert Einstein Medical College reported that its mode of action was totally unique. Until Horowitz’s work in 1980, it was believed that the cytotoxic properties of taxol were due to its ability to destabilize microtubules , which are important ructures involved in cell division (mitosis) structures involved in cell division (mitosis). In fact, taxol was found to induce the assembly of tubulin into microtubules, and
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Chapter3_taxol - %YieldandsynthesisofTaxol (C47H51NO14)

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