quiz 1 notes - Chapter 1 Value- represents the net bundle...

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Chapter 1 Value- represents the net bundle of benefits the customer derives from the product you are selling (this is often referred to as your Value Proposition) Customer Loyalty- giving your customers many reasons not to switch to competitors, is central to successful selling today Relationship selling- central goal is securing, building and maintaining long term relationships with profitable customers Sales mgmt- the way the various aspects of relationship selling are managed by the salespersons firm Customer relationship mgmt (CRM)- an organizationwide customer focus that uses advanced technology to maximize the firms ability to add value to customers and develop long term relationships Customer- centric-puts the customer at the center of everything that happens both inside and outside the firm Customer orientation- firms that are customer-centric have a high level of customer orientation Return on customer investment- how much time, money, and other resources should be invested in a customer versus the anticipated return on the investment Lifetime value of a customer- customers long term value to the sales organization Transactional selling- is the set of skills, strategies, and sales processes that meets the needs of buyers who treat suppliers as a commodity and who are mainly or exclusively interested in price and convenience Relationship selling – Consultative selling- works most effectively with buyers who demand , and are willing to pay for, a sales effort that creates new value and provides additional benefits outside of the product itself -Enterprise selling-2 nd type of relationship selling that works most
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quiz 1 notes - Chapter 1 Value- represents the net bundle...

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