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Study Guide Ch 8 S11 - Span 122 Study Guide for Captulo 8...

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Span 122 Study Guide for Capítulo 8 The most effective way to prepare for the exam is to work on the TASKS listed below. Additional practices are on the Premium web site and on the Blackboard supersite. Task This task is found in the book on pages… Practices in the text & workbook (WB) 1. Can you ask about the location of places in the city that are important for tourists? (bank, post office, etc.) Can you ask explain the location of these places? (across from, next to, etc.) pp. 266-267 pp. 271-72: 8-7, 8-9 2. Can you look at a map of a city and give directions to various places? (Go to the corner, etc.) Can you use formal commands accurately to give these directions? p. 270, p. 273-274 pp. 271-72: 8-7, 8-9 WB: p. 140: CA8-7 3. Can you use formal commands in a variety of situations to give instructions to people? (For example, to give directions around town, to give advice in case of illness, etc.) pp. 273-274 p. 274: 8-10, 8-11 p. 283: 8-20 WB: pp. 143-144: CA8-12 & 14 4. Can you describe some customs of Ecuador and of the United States and express these using the “impersonal se”?
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