Medical Terminology Test 2 Study Guide Fall 2010

Medical Terminology Test 2 Study Guide Fall 2010 - you to...

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Dear Class: 10/12/2010 Medical Terminology Test #2 will cover Chapters 10/11/12 and there will be a total of 25 questions. You will be allowed 40 minutes for the test and will be available on Blackboard from Tuesday (10/19) 7:00pm to Wednesday (10/20) 10:00pm. Test scores are automatically posted in Gradebook once you are done with the test. In preparation for the test I would recommend that you do the following: 1. Review the green colored boxes throughout each chapter as they contain the combining forms/ meanings specific to each body part and will give you a good base knowledge. 2. Review, and become very familiar, with the Programmed Learning sections of each chapter as well as the pink colored boxes (Exercises/Comprehensive Review Exercises) which challenge
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Unformatted text preview: you to match words/terms with their meanings and/or complete sentences or fill in the blanks. ALL questions will be taken from these sections. However, the questions may be worded slightly differently from the way you see them written Chapter 10 - 10 Chapter 11 - 10 Chapter 12 - 5 This will be an open book test so become familiar with the material in these chapters. When you read the chapters pay attention to the green colored boxes which give meaning to the bases of the words you need to know and become familiar with the programmed learning questions as well as the exercises. I hope that this helps with your preparation. Take care, Dr. H :>)...
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