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Test_3 Study Guide Fall 2010

Test_3 Study Guide Fall 2010 - Review patient communication...

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NURS 212 – Fall 2010 Test #3 - Study Guide There will be a total of 28 questions in true/false and multiple choice format and will be grouped in order of chapter content. When possible I have listed the number of questions related to content in parenthesis. Review quality of nursing education slides for reports and recommendations (2) Review pathways Diploma, BSN, ADN, LPN (3) Review articulation between programs (1) Review accreditation/certification programs (1) Review definitions of critical thinking (1) Review purpose of nursing process (1) Know sequence of nursing process, and examples from various phases (2) Review nursing diagnosis (1) Review subjective/objective data (2) Review characteristics of helping relationships and inappropriate boundaries (3)
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Unformatted text preview: Review patient communication process/responses, and communication from nurses to nurses and nurse to MD (4) Chitty & Black Chapter Ten: (7 questions) Know the difference between acute and chronic disease (1) Know the stages of illness (3) Review illness behaviors - internal influences (1) Review illness behaviors - external influences (1) Review impact of illness on patients - anxiety (1) I hope that this helps you to focus on what you need to read and review. Use the information that I have given you to use your time wisely when reviewing specific sections and specific content areas. Of course it is okay to read and review everything that we have discussed as that will make you more comfortable . .. but what I have listed here will focus on those areas that are being tested! Dr. H :>)...
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