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Test_4 Study Guide Fall 2010(2) - Be prepared to match the...

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NURS 212 – Fall 2010 Test #4 - Study Guide There will be a total of 27 questions in true/false, multiple choice, and will be grouped in Chitty & Black Chapter Eleven: Know the difference between quantitative/qualitative research (1) Review EBP (1) Review limitations of scientific methods of research (1) Review regulatory agencies that mandate protection of research participants (1) Chitty & Black Chapter Twelve: Review fundamental concepts basic to the practice of nursing (1) Review Maslows hierarchy of needs (1) Review family and cultural systems (1) Review health/holistic health (1) Chitty & Black Chapter Thirteen:
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Unformatted text preview: Be prepared to match the theorist with their theory. Know the basic difference between the theories of: Florence Nightingale Madeline Leininger Dorothea Orem Jean Watson Chitty & Black Chapter Fourteen: Review major categories of health care services (1) Review levels of health care services (1) Review health care team members (1) Review management and responsibilities of quality (1) Chitty & Black Chapter Sixteen: Review societal challenges specific to demographics (1) Review impact of changes in healthcare on practice of nursing (1) Review future trends in nursing education (2) Hickey Chapters Six/Seven/Eight: (7)...
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