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Chapter 6 to post- first half
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Click to edit Master subtitle style Language and Symbol Use in Childhood
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Click to edit Master subtitle style Language Development
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Using Language Involves. .. Language comprehension Language production generativity Language Comprehe nsion Language Productio n
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Language and the Brain Damage to Broca’s area Vs Damage to Wer nicke’s area l Language processing involves a substantial degree of functional localization in the brain l The left hemisphere shows some specialization for language in infancy,
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Language and the Brain
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Critical Period To learn language, children must also be exposed to other people using language—spoken or signed Sometime between age 5 and puberty, language acquisition becomes much more difficult and ultimately less successful Language capabilities of bilingual adults who acquired their second language at different ages?
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Bilingual Children More than half of the world’s children are exposed to more than one language Children who are acquiring two languages
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