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exam 2 essay version - ESSAYS for exam 2 Please note that I...

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ESSAYS for exam 2: Please note that I will choose 3 of these 4 for the exam. I expect that each response will be about a page and a half, handwritten. Please write neatly, and be sure to cover ALL points of the question clearly and insightfully, in order to receive full credit. You do not need to answer them in order, but be sure to label them with the # of the question you are responding to. 1) Discuss the problems and complexities that children experience in their acquisition and use of language, and the strategies that these very young children and their parents seem to employ in order to facilitate these processes. a. Be sure to include the following elements in your answer: problem of reference, overextension, fast mapping, syntactic bootstrapping, infant- directed talk, joint attention, pragmatic cues, and the styles of early infant speech. 2) Discuss the relationship between the kind of “seeing and doing” that we observe in infancy, and the construction of the infant’s psychological realities. (Think carefully about this connection.) Name and define 3 methods that we
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exam 2 essay version - ESSAYS for exam 2 Please note that I...

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