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Fshn 120 eating disorders

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Unformatted text preview: Eating Disorders Eating Disorders Connie Langellier, BSN, PsyD Counseling Center Justine Karduck, MS, RD, LDN, CDE Sportwell ­ McKinley Health Center Overview Influences over eating behaviors Continuum of eating behaviors Signs & symptoms Treatment How to help a friend Campus and online resources What Influences Eating What Influences Eating Behaviors? Influences: Influences: Nutritional Information Formal Informal Class like this Regulated educational efforts Fad diets hype Magazines Social and Cultural Factors Media and celebrities Eating Behaviors Eating Behaviors Continuum Normal Eating Eating Disorders Disordered Eating What is Normal Eating? What is Normal Eating? Some examples… Eating until you are satisfied and stopping when you are full Eating a wide range of foods (no foods are inherently “good” or “bad”) Attending to nutritional needs Flexible eating that varies in response to your hunger, your schedule, your feelings, and your proximity to food Eating Behaviors Eating Behaviors Contin...
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