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McGill University School of Computer Science McGill University School of Computer Science COMP-206 Software Systems Due: January 31, 2011 on WEB CT at 23:55 (two late days, -5% each day) Operating Systems Graphical user interfaces have advanced enough to permit software developers (and other users) to carry out all basic file management operations, like making directories, copying files, etc. Graphical user interfaces have still not been able to capture the file management's scripting ability. GUIs also have not provided a simpler method by which a user can modulate commands through switches. Since you are a new software developer it is the goal of this course to give you the basic skills that software developers employ. This includes being comfortable around a command-line prompt, creating operating system scripts and properly managing a software project. Question 1 leads you through some software management practices using the command-line. Questions 2 and 3 use what you have learned about the command-line to create useful scripts. Question 1: The Unix Operating System Command Line When constructing a software project the Software Developer's first task is to create space on the hard disk where the project will be developed. To do this, a developer normally creates a series of directories. Software developers try to organize and manage their software projects using many different techniques. One such technique is the directory/folder structure. Using the Unix command line build the following directory structure: Within your home directory create a directory called PUBLIC_HTML and COMP206. These directory names should be in lower case. Directory PUBLIC_HTML will contain your web site. Directory COMP206 will contain your course files. I am writing these names in upper case to be clear in this document. On Linux you should be naming these directories in lower case. Within comp206 create the directory PROJECT. Within PROJECT create the directories: ARCHIVE, BACKUP, BUILD, and DATA. As the course progresses we will create our programs in the BUILD directory. Our database will be located in the DATA directory. This directory space is considered to be part of our development environment . Later, we will have to put this on the web (for real) and this will be done in our deployment environment , which is the PUBLIC_HTML directory (but that will come later). jvybihal Page 1 1/19/2011
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McGill University School of Computer Science The next thing we need to do is to create a database. Since this is not a database course and since many of you have probably not programmed databases, our database will be a "flat-file" database (i.e. a text file). You MUST use VI to create our primary database (there will be more databases later): Our database is called MEMBERS.TXT. It will contain the following
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Assignment1 - McGill University McGill University School of...

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