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1/26/09 - In the Tour de France, 190 or so pro cyclists average about 5 hours of cycling per day in hot (often >85degrees F) weather over steep mountains (Alps, Pyrenees) for 23 days. - Estimating energy required at about 1000 kcal/hour they burn 5000 kcal/day just during the event, plus 2500 or so for the other 19 hours of the day for a total of 7500. - The first challenge is to provide enough energy to get through the vent. 7500 kcal is 27 pop-tarts or 75 slices of bread or 30 powerbars or 150 oreo cookies. - In a single day, the combination of exertion heat, and altitude create extreme
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Unformatted text preview: nutritional needs, not just for energy, but the right form of energy, to replace what is being used. -In addition to getting the right form of energy, there is a huge need for water (to replace fluid losses) and electrolytes (like sodium) to maintain the correct chemical composition of blood.-** What are the nutritional/physical activity requirements for optimal performance, not defined as peak athletic performance but defined as freedom from chonic disease and peak “quality of life” performance **-...
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