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KIN110 Discussion - events that impinge on your life.”...

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1. What did the Whitehall study reveal about the connection between health and wealth? - Sir Michael Marmot found that lower the grade of employment had greater rate of health diseases. o Death rates correlated to disease Smoking, sedentary life-style What is the wealth-health gradient? - Over 70% reported good health o Twice the amount of Americans - Low income has twice the rate of disease than the affluent 2. Describe the body’s stress (fight-or-flight) response? - How is chronic stress different? - How might chronic stress increase the risk of illness and disease? - 3. What did comparing data maps of disease rates in the different Louisville council districts reveal? - Lower income districts had higher rates of disease and excess deaths What might explain the observed differences? - 4. Professor Leonard Syme defines control of destiny as the “ability to influence the
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Unformatted text preview: events that impinge on your life.” Why is this ability an important factor for health?-5. What did Macaque monkey research teach primatologist Carol Shively about the connections between power, subordination and health?-Subordination can lead shorter life and disease due to chronic sress What parallels can we draw to human society?-Socio-economic status/ more education/income the less cortisol you realease/day 6. What social changes were most responsible for the 30-year increase in American life expectancy over the 20 th century .-Medical advancement. -Social progam What characterizes the policies and priorities of countries that have better health outcomes than we do?-distribution of wealth Public health Better housing Economic gap...
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KIN110 Discussion - events that impinge on your life.”...

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