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KIN110 final class - Health risks of obesity are less...

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< What are the 5 things that comprise the “take-home” message from this class? > 1. Most physiological and metabolic events are tightly controlled. Combined effects of genetics, nutrition and exercise cause us all to respond a bit differently to any stimulus 2. Context matters: what is helpful in one situation (eg eating a lot of simple sugars to restore glycogen) may be unhelptful in another situation (eg eating a lot of simple sugars as a large part of habitual diet) 3. Being physically active can make up for a lot of nutrition “sins”.
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Unformatted text preview: Health risks of obesity are less severe than health risks of inactivity 4. Scientific research on nutrition, exercise and health will always be changing. Don’t get caught up in a craze that is likely to be over in a few months/years. Be skeptical but not cynical. I call it “open-minded skepticism” 5. If you enjoy eating, exercise and science, you should definitely consider this as a career...
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