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Lesson 1 Assignment 3 - situation of taking meds I have...

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Lesson 1 Assignment 3 You are applying to a prestigious organization for an important, highly visible position. The application requires you to describe an ethical dilemma in your history and how you handled it. Describe the dilemma and your ethical position. I have been working in pharmaceutical industry for about 4 years now. I have worked for two different companies. All day I go in and out of a lot of sample closets and I have the ability to still prescription medications. It would be very easy for me take medications like Viagra to sell on the streets to make extra money. Even though I am put in the
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Unformatted text preview: situation of taking meds I have never done it because my conscious would way to heavy and it’s not worth me losing my job. A lot of the pharmaceutical sales rep that I know take medications out of the sample closest because it’s easier than getting a prescription for it. Which I do not understand because most reps have great health insurance. The fear of losing my job and becoming unemployed has scared me from stealing any medications out of sample closets....
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