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Lesson #3, Assignment #3 Identify an instance when you thought ignorance absolved a person or group from moral responsibility. Then identify an example of a person or group failing to become fully informed about a moral situation. Under what conditions do you think individuals are morally responsible for their actions? Why? Just this week I had a meeting with my sorority. We were asked to participate in feeding the homeless for Thanksgiving. I follow proper protocol and contact the president so that the phone tree could be started and I sent out emails to the members informing them of the community
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Unformatted text preview: service project. The group failed to see the importance of feeding the homeless on the holiday. I was the only member from the organization that was in attendance. They used the excuse that they were unaware of the event. I believe that the group failed to meet a moral responsibility to the community. As members we took an oath the service the community in any capacity needed. My reaction to the group since they failed to attend the event was very negative. I told them that they failed to do the community a great service and for they should be ashamed of themselves....
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