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Lesson 4 Assignment 3 Describe an advertisement in the media that you believe is unethical. Explain your argument. I know that everyone has seen the Jack in the Box commercials with Jack and his wife or the one with Jack and his mom. In the commercial he is promoting 2 for $3 breakfast jack sandwiches. In the commercial the dad comes out and tells the mom that it has been more than 4 hours and that they need to call the doctor, implying that he has taken Viagra. The commercials are unethical and not family friendly. The ad agencies have gotten so far away from selling a product
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Unformatted text preview: but instead they use sex to sell food. I found this interesting but yet very disturbing. I believe that there are better and more effective ways to sell food without including sex. But, I know my opinion would be different than someone who is actually advertisement. I just believe that companies such as this should not want to be associated with sexual commercials in order to sell burgers and shakes....
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