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Lesson 6 Assignment 3 - their own while the jury is still...

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Lesson 6 Assignment 3 Identify a recent example of a corporation accused of false or deceitful advertising. How did it justify the claims made in its ad? Do you agree or disagree with the claims? The issue is Vytorin, a cholesterol drug that is actually two cholesterol drugs merged into one: Zocor, an older statin known as simvastatin and manufactured by Merck Corporation Inc and Zetia, a non-statin manufactured by Schering-Plough Corporation. Merck has the task of manufacturing and marketing the merged drugs, known as Vytorin. It's easy to see why the drugs were merged: Zetia, the non-statin cholesterol drug and the only one which addresses the production of cholesterol in the gut, is often prescribed in combination with a statin, another form of cholesterol-fighting drugs that works to lower levels of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol in the liver, and total cholesterol in the blood. Statins appear to be proven winners on
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Unformatted text preview: their own, while the jury is still out as to the effectiveness of Zetia as a stand-alone. Thus, when the patent on Zocor was about to expire, Vytorin was born in an effort to keep Zocor somewhat proprietary. But then came the ENHANCE study, which was to have verified the effectiveness of Vytorin (and to a lesser extent Zetia on its own) as a cholesterol-buster. The study was completed in April 2006, but not released until 21 months later—and only after Congress got in a huff and demanded that Merck and Schering-Plough get off their duffs and release the bloody thing. According to the study, about which the manufacturers would have most assuredly been well versed, Vytorin was shown to provide little, if any significant benefit in slowing the clogging of arteries when compared with generic, and far less-expensive statins....
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