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Lesson #7, Assignment #4: Discussion Board Briefly describe the leader of an organization in which you work or have worked. Evaluate the moral, amoral, or immoral characteristics of the leader. Refer to the "ethics of leadership styles" and the "seven symptoms of the failure – or success – of leadership" found in chapter 5 of the text. Suggest specific ways that your leader could improve his or her leadership competency and ethical style. At the last company I worked for I had a manager who was extremely immoral. She was a pain to work for. At one of our sales conferences she went wanted a chair that a sales rep was sitting and instead asking for the chair like an adult she just pushed the employee out of the chair. That
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Unformatted text preview: same employee she would harass and she was trying to fire the employee for no particular reason. She had a point to prove, I guess because she was black and a woman. So she chose to make it hard for everyone so that they would know that she was in charge. My manager decided after awhile that she wanted to go after me. She made my life a living hell. She even went as far to call a sales manager at another company and lye on me and say that I said one of their employees was not working. My final straw with her was when she tried to put me on a sales performance plan before our sales numbers came out. I was extremely happy when the company layed me off. Three months after they got rid of me they fired her!...
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