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Lesson #9, Assignment #4: Discussion Board A "global set of ethics" is impossible. Each culture and region of the world should have its own ethics as well as values and cultural differences. Business world is a risky world, thus it is not a game. Also the same with ethics, although it is a variable, but it could be leading to different consequences regarding how the ethics is interpret and how action is taken according to the ethics. So, overall, global business ethics has to do with ethical issues affecting the business world. When thinking about global ethics, we are concerned with actions taken by citizens and political leaders of nations, and with international
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Unformatted text preview: laws. Furthermore, with values and cultures differences, global ethics would be impossible. But some would against this statement. Such a set of principles can only be agreed upon if representatives of diverse organizations and cultural values will work together to understand each others' perspectives. This approach is consistent with the goal of mutual understanding that increasingly characterizes public relations practice. Global changes in the business world will lead to different perspective of thinking of businessman. These thinking will then create different creativity....
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