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IMG_0007 - AqSk'li&^ I^Ji wqt r,r,nu.rf'S"tory...

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e< @ 6rih*E Yn*o ru'$\h<- Ilru.xcrru ffiutlre r, W)r - Ke i Orr^vl- T,-a-k lfl$ .5 lA4 W- L;+\w[,vL fu*;nL{y t {-,cri-srfrafo4, l*f-rff* r*lrttf W 61""-+\^[ i,L""^l,i*, fu.J t,vw,,- ll^*'l- n h*L levU u*rlJ'i-ttr.r"t,ty d*t,lrAt p,r"Vf {tnu r,-:5rl fti y f u-*wAfri.v.^*"5$d0f iluir\tru+ { n hrti:1.- F*,oi1" 'i'u i\,';"{n".\ir'", S i1i'{lct, @ t+'\' hnw fi"'{'- wa-s ni r-' lh,rl- n";,yt,rL fUu Br',\,-U*Fi*,{'i{t- ttntrr-. Tho*u'*',u*$uffr\,{ t15 "rv,;ft $w? W|tuOl G*wt-0.\Aio$-
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Unformatted text preview: AqSk'li** &^# I^Ji*- wqt r,r,nu{{.rf'S"tory ht,l\y'J f)^ii,,L Pn"1ir't^ otfiwf ,*:aru, 'I ' f\fn,.*" 4,*ro+'re) r 11tu [*,^f'^r'1 " Fwbr*il^.[-.*l - 5q, hlrrn Aiy'+'\ru1 41,-ru-,,- I fht. (,r,,.5i.,,,,, -,/dy. .-,r, D.r. ft- r*,,t / Tl*t ''t'** tL {'r y i i,{'iu * \ Vhy b*iU" lllu,gJ'oa. E '* f\?t, ru, /t\,X rr,r",r r, i ) ,ts- I q. /v\: t , tt* '1 I i I ! , Sofrrtit \*q A\et5h,ci ho a7 $ t 'iril,r' "rr^', f ,\!rrr\,,'r,., .v,quir'$...
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