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Unformatted text preview: Triggers of Change Triggers of Change Management 413 Session 3 1 8 General Triggers • • • • • • • • Imposed Awareness of pain Recurring problems Strengths Environmental Crises Benchmarking Dream of vision 2 Recurring Problems • • • • • Waste Turnover Customer complaints Grievances Excessive overlaps, delays, and errors 3 Strengths: When it ain’t broke, improve it • Look at strengths: Can these be used to create something even better? • Expect changes that will affect current assets • Develop flexibility for adapting to possible changes • “Appreciative inquiry: (Cooperrider)­used to leverage changes in related areas 4 Environmental • • • • Reorganizations Customer or client changing need Outsourcing or privatization General turbulence: economic, political, and social 5 Steps to Orchestrate Change • Set up cross­functional teams • Diagnose problems and interrelationships • • • • to other problems Collect and analyze data Develop problem statement and open it to dialogue Develop range of strategies as solutions Select most feasible and pilot test 6 Cross Functional Teams as Initial Step • • • Identify champions Examine possible sources of support an commitment (also financial and in­kind donations) Identify those affected by change and invite participation – – – First level of change Second level of change Teriary level(s) of change 7 Quantitative and Qualitative Data Collection and Analysis • Quantitative: objective measures – Turnover rates – Downtime – Survey of attitudes, beliefs, and feelings – Observe operations – Arrange focus groups – Develop case studies 8 • Qualitative Implementation Strategies • • • • • Select most feasible intervention Pilot test Set up feedback loops Implement on broader scale Note where conditions require adaptation ad modify to suit local needs and interests 9 ...
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