Syllabus MGMT461 Spring 2011

Syllabus MGMT461 Spring 2011 - Syllabus: MGMT 461 section...

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Syllabus: MGMT 461 section 001 Spring 2011 Course Instructor: Gosia A. Langa Class: Thursdays, 7:20-10:00 Robinson Hall B222 Office Hours: Thursdays 6:00 – 7:00 Enterprise 025 Or by Appointment Email: Required Book: Rajnandini, P., & Gannon, M. J. (2009). Understanding Global Cultures: Metaphorical Journeys Through 29 Nations, Clusters of Nations, Continets, and Diversity . 4 th Ed. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. Nisbett, R. E. (2004). The Geography of Thought: How Asians and Westerners Think Differently… and Why . New York, NY: Free Press. Other required readings will be specified at the end of this Syllabus and listed on course website. Course Website: COURSE DESCRIPTION In this course, we seek to expand your global mindset and provide you with theories, knowledge and practical tools that you can use to achieve success in the global business environment. We explore basic international business strategies, cross-cultural communication and learning, the challenges of managing across the varied customs and practices of the world, and the development of internationally sophisticated employees, teams and managers. We focus on how employees with a global mindset can effectively execute the international strategies of the firm, guided by an awareness of cross-cultural differences. In the second half of the semester we will focus on several specific cultures using the cultural metaphors approach. Those countries have been chosen for one of two purposes: (1) to introduce you to cultures that are likely to become increasingly relevant in the world of global business, or (2) to expose you to cultures that demonstrate important similarities and differences to the American culture. The purpose of this approach is not only introduce you to the nuances of various cultures but also to present you with a different way of exploring and analyzing culture. LEARNING OBJECTIVES This course is designed to build your knowledge and skills related to managing in a global context. You are expected to demonstrate mastery of specific course concepts and apply them in exercises, cases, and examinations. In addition to attending to the content objectives of the course, you will practice critical and creative thinking, problem solving, teamwork, and written and oral communication skills in an international context. 1
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APPROACH TO LEARNING This course combines lecture, experiential exercises, class discussion, case analysis, and group and individual assignments to foster learning. The course is intended to be both rigorous and engaging. We will together learn a great deal about a fascinating and important dimension of management and have fun doing it. STUDENT RESPONSIBILITIES
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Syllabus MGMT461 Spring 2011 - Syllabus: MGMT 461 section...

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