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Sample Database Design Problem The Greenlawn Company provides high-end lawn care services for homeowners in the Northern Virginia and surrounding areas. Greenlawn is currently using a manual filing system consisting of client file cards and handwritten ledgers to carry out their business information needs such as keeping track of employees, customers and equipment. Their use of computer technology and database software is minimal. They want to design and implement an electronic database, using MS Access, to manage the business more efficiently. The new system will allow for digital client information sharing, booking appointments, organized billing, inventory tracking, and an up to date employee payroll. The new database should help to increase daily business productivity and provide accurate real time data. Brief Business Description: Clients make appointments for lawn care services through either a phone call
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Unformatted text preview: to the receptionist or by email. Customer information including address and phone number must be collected along with the desired service to be performed. At the customer location, an estimate is made based on services to be provided. A date and time for the service is scheduled based on crew availability. Employees are assigned to each appointment. The service is performed by the projected due date. A bill is delivered to the client. Upon receipt of the bill payment, the clients account is updated to show past and current transactions. Note that some services are of a recurring nature. For example, a customer may sign up for Full season lawn care service. Once such a contract is signed, it means that Greenlawn crew will visit the customer site on several occasions over the course of the semester to perform things such as mowing, seeding, dethatching, fertilizing etc....
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