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SP2009_310_sample_midterm - DEVICE WITH AN ON/OFF SWITCH...

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Y DEVICE WITH AN ON/OFF SWITCH MUST BE TURNED OFF FOR THE DURATION OF THE TEST. U MAY NOT LEAVE THE CLASSROOM UNTIL YOU HAVE HANDED IN YOUR TEST. GEORGE MASON UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT MIS 310 INTRODUCTION TO DATABASE MANAGEMENT Sample Mid Term SP2009 (CLOSED BOOK) _Name:__________________________________________________________________ Q1 [15 points] Convert the ER diagram shown above to relations. Draw the relations in tabular form. For each relation, clearly show the primary and foreign keys. Do not skip any attributes shown in the ERD . In other words, all attributes that show up in the ERD must show up somewhere in your relations. Page 1 of 7
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Q2. [25 points] For each of the following narratives, determine the entities and relationships implied in the narrative, and then draw the corresponding ERD. Make sure you show at least a couple of attributes for each entity and underline the identifying attribute. Also, do not forget to show the cardinalities of each relationship. In all cases, you will have to think up appropriate attributes on your own. (a) an employee may hold zero or more academic degrees, and an academic degree can be held by zero or more employees (b) An employee manages zero or one stores and a store is managed by exactly one employee Page 2 of 7
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