SP2009_310_Samplefinal - erested = yes, means that after...

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ANY DEVICE WITH AN ON/OFF SWITCH MUST BE TURNED OFF FOR THE DURATION OF THE TEST. YOU MAY NOT LEAVE THE CLASSROOM UNTIL YOU HAVE HANDED IN YOUR TEST. BUYER HFORSALE VISITINFO terested = yes, means that after visiting the house, the potential buyer showed an interest in possibly buying the house. AGENT GEORGE MASON UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT MIS 310/001 INTRODUCTION TO DATABASE MANAGEMENT CLOSED BOOK SAMPLE FINAL EXAM SP2009 _Name:__________________________________________________________________ Q1. A small real estate brokerage company has a small database to keep track of visits by potential buyers to the houses its agents are trying to sell. The database keeps track of actual as well as potential buyers. Many potential buyers visit a house but only one of them will ultimately buy it, if at all. Answer the following questions based on the database shown below. Primary keys are shown in solid underline, and foreign keys by dotted underline. BNUM BNAME BEMPLOYER BUDGET B230 Shelly Johnson World Bank $ 500,000 B231 James Kirkland Smithsonian $ 750,000 B232 James Johnson Washington Post $ 1,200,000 B233 Arthur Miller IMF $ 900,000 B234 Shelly Jefferson Johns Hopkins Univ $ 375,000 B235 Arthur Jones American Univ $ 377,000 HNUM HLOCATION LISTPRICE SOLDPRICE SOLDTO ------------- LISTINGAGENT -------------------- H0001 Burke $425,000 $435,000 B235 A1001 H0007 Fairfax City $690,000 $ 675,000 B233 A1008 H0012 Centreville $800,000 A1012 H0019 Clifton $1,100,000 A1001 H0023 Annandale $500,000 $550,000 B232 A1024 BNUM ------------- HNUM --------------- INTERESTED VDATE B233 H0023 Yes 1-sep-07 Page 1 of 15
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B233 H0007 Yes 1-sep-07 B235 H0001 Yes 8-aug-07 B230 H0012 Yes 11-nov-07 B230 H0019 No 11-nov-07 B231 H0001 No 9-oct-07 B231 H0019 Yes 9-dec-07 B232 H0007 Yes 6-dec-07 B232 H0019 No 30-nov-07 B232 H0023 Yes 4-oct-07 ANUM ANAME 2007_SALES EXPERIENCE A1001 George Eckerle 6,000,000 15 A1002 Ross Vann 3,000,000 7 A1003 Jill Raines 11,000,000 23 A1007 Cindy Ashwood 9,000,000 11 A1008 Carla Fuentes 0 0 A1012 Boris Johnson 0 0 A1024 Brenda Ferguson Page 2 of 15
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SP2009_310_Samplefinal - erested = yes, means that after...

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