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Review points for SM111 midterm exam (W11) You should be able to … Explain what sociologists mean when they say that sports are social phenomena. o Because they relate to every aspect of our social life such as family, economy, media, politics, education, and media. Explain what it means to say that sports are social constructions. o Parts of the social world that are created by people as they interact with one another under particular social, political, and economic conditions. Define "ideologies" and explain the connection between sports, ideologies, and hegemony related to gender, race, and social class. o Ideologies- webs of ideas and beliefs that people use to give meaning to the world and make sense of their experiences o Hegemony- process of maintaining leadership and control by gaining the consent and approval of other groups- never permanent Gender ideology- ideas about masculinity, femininity, and male- female relationships in the organization of social worlds Men are naturally superior to women in activities that involve strength, physical skills and emotional control. Throw like a man/girl, lesbians, Racial ideology- ideas that people use to give meaning to skin color and evaluate people and forms of social organizations in terms of racial classification Light skinned people lack natural abilities unlike dark- skinned people who excel in jumping and running Class ideology- ideas that people use to understand economic inequalities and make sense of their own positions and the positions of others in an economic hierarchy in society American society is based on Meritocracy- where deserving people become successful and where success is achieved by those who deserve it Those who work hard achieve wealth and power. This creates class inequality Sports is connected with class economic Identify the major spheres of social life and how sports are connected with each. o Family The family may revolve around sports with games, practices, coaches, chauffeurs. It can bring a family together or tear them apart. o Economy- Involves spending money on tickets, sports equipment, participation fees, athletic club membership dues, and bets. Effects local and regional economies. Corporate logos are linked with teams and athletes, displayed in school gyms, arenas, and stadiums. Athletes make impressive sums of money o Media- Cable stations pay billions of dollars for airing rights Show ideological themes The media has converted sports into a major form of entertainment o Politics- Sports can show national pride and identity Example: Beijing in the 2008 Olympics spending $40 billion
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o Education- Physical education and interscholastic sport teams o Religion Church groups sponsor teams and leagues Identify the major social theories discussed in class that have been used to study sports in society. How do they differ? Identify the major assumptions and concerns about society and about
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Midterm study guide - Review points for SM111 midterm exam...

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