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Executive Summary “Recall of Brand Products in Computer/ Video Games” is an article about how product placement and advertising among the video game world is being used. As technology continues to advance in our society, marketers are finding more and more ways to get their advertisements out there. Videogames are just the beginning. A research team from University of Wisconsin-Madison explored the effectiveness of placing brands in racing games to see if the respondents recalled the different brands. The research team used two different preliminary studies. One study was done using a video game console, while the other was done on a computer. In both studies, respondents were given the same instructions. Participants were told that they were being examined game playing habits and that they were supposed to play casually as if they weren’t in a study. Participants were also told they must play for at least fifteen minutes. After the playing session, questionnaires were given out to see how well they recalled the products within the game. This was the first of two times the research team would question their recollection. The findings showed that participants could recall 25% - 30% of the brands within the game. The same question was then asked five months later to see how well they remembered the brands. After the five month wait, 10% - 15% of the products could be recalled. When brands played a major role in the game, the recalling ability was a lot higher then when brands weren’t used for in game aspects. The study also showed that local brands and newer brands were easier to recall because the participant felt like the
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game was up to date or more personable. Brands that were older and seen more often were less remembered because the participant was used to that brand. Having real life products being placed into video games have showed to work
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Executive Summary - Executive Summary Recall of Brand...

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