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Scott Raubenstine Works Cited "BCS official Open to Some Kind of Mini-Playoff System." ESPN . 8 Jan. 2007. 22 Oct. 2008 <>. Carey, Jack. "BCS title game no stranger to controversy." USA TODAY . 11 Dec. 2007. 22 Oct. 2008 < uncertainty_n.htm>. Hagan, Ampson. "College Football: BCS Vs. Playoff System." Associated Content . 28 Aug. 2006. 22 Oct. 2008 <
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Unformatted text preview: m.html?cat=9&gt;. Isadore, Chris. &quot;College bowls: Too rich to die.&quot; CNN Money . 7 Dec. 2007. 22 Oct. 2008 &lt; section=money_commentary_columnsportsbiz&gt;. &quot;Why The BCS Needs To Be Eliminated!&quot; 24 July 2007. 22 Oct. 2008 &lt;;. Zhu, Yong-yi. &quot;Problems With the BCS Playoff System: Testing the Champions.&quot; The Tech . 22 Oct. 2008 &lt;;....
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