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NCAA monroe outline - Scott Raubenstine General Purpose...

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Scott Raubenstine General Purpose: Persuasive Specific Purpose: To convince the audience that the NCAA’s BCS should be changed to a playoff format to determine the national champions. ATTENTION NEED Problem I. Before 1998, the NCAA had no real way to determine a national champion for division one football. The way they determined the national champion was by coaches voting on who they believed the best team was and placing them into a bowl. The other teams that made it to post season bowls were voted in the same way. This way of deciding a national champion wasn’t very effective because everyone had their own personal opinion and many times these teams weren’t the best team in the nation that year. II. The ineffectiveness of this led to the creation of the BCS in 1998. The BCS stands for bowl championship series. The BCS is the current system used to decide who plays for college football’s national championship each year as well as four other BCS bowl games.
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