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Bermuda Working Outline - Bermuda Scott Raubenstine...

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Bermuda Scott Raubenstine Millersville University Topic : Bermuda and its attractions Specific Purpose : To inform my audience members about the history of Bermuda and the attractions Bermuda has to offer Thesis Statement : Bermuda has a very interesting history as well as many tourist attractions such as beaches and golf courses. Introduction I. Many people know little about the small independent country of Bermuda. II. It has a rich history dating back to the 1600’s. III. Bermuda is also one of the most known places for a tourist destination because of their beaches and golf courses. I. II. Body III. Bermuda has a very unique and interesting history. A. Bermuda was first permanently settled in 1609 by England. 1. Bermuda was found on accident by a relief crew to help out the colony of Jamestown in America. 2. The relief crew hit a storm which caused them to wreck on Bermuda. 3. The colony was then chartered to the Somers Isles Company in 1615 as a plantation.
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4. For the first several years the population relied on almost all
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Bermuda Working Outline - Bermuda Scott Raubenstine...

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