Bermuda Speaking Outline

Bermuda Speaking Outline - A Horseshoe Bay is the most...

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I. Introduction I. Little know about Bermuda II. Rich history back to 1600’s III. Most known to tourists for the beaches and golf courses Body II. Unique and Interesting A. Permanently settled for England, 1609 1. Relief crew accident going to Jamestown 2. Storm made crew crash on Bermuda 3. Chartered 1615 as Somers Isles Company as plantation 4. Beginning population relied on emigration. Over ten thousand before American Revolution B. American Revolution dramatically changed Bermuda 1. England Royal Army used for dockyards 2. Built several dockyards and fortress 3. Used to house slaves C. 1900’s started becoming tourist site 1. Americans, Canadians, and British came for vacations 2. Tourism is why Bermuda has one of the highest GDP in world a) Gross Domestic Product. All Final goods and services divided by average population of the same year III. Main reason tourists come is the beaches
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Unformatted text preview: A. Horseshoe Bay is the most known beach 1. South Hampton, Bermuda 2. Shape of Horseshoe 3. 1/3 mile long, pinkish, salmon sand 4. Many food and souvenir vendors 5. Offers snorkeling, kayaking, boating, and skiing B. Another popular beach Elbow Beach 1. Shape of Elbow 2. Located south coast of Paget Paris, Bermuda 3. Pinkish, Salmon colored sand 4. Got popular because of 5 star hotel (Elbow Beach Hotel) 5. Episode of The Sopranos was filmed there IV. Golf Courses A. 9 courses B. Highest course concentration per square mile in the world C. Most designed by Robert Trent Jones D. Unpredictable winds make tough E. Slower and firmer because of lack of irrigation Conclusion I. Great place of interest II. Has great history III. Beautiful Beaches IV. Many golf courses...
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Bermuda Speaking Outline - A Horseshoe Bay is the most...

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